"Authenticity" Installment

In my constant search for authentic products, people, places I came across a very cool guy named Tim Suprise.  I heard him speak at an event revolving around Michigan Made Products and how they could coincide with the PURE MICHIGAN AD CAMPAIGN.  I was impressed by his passion for his product and his drive to succeed at craft brewing. So I gave him a call and told him about my project entitled “Authenticity” - he fit it perfectly.  I made the hour and a half drive out to Battle Creek about 6 weeks ago and spent the day in the Arcadia Ales Brewery (www.arcadiaales.com) learning about Tim, his staff and sampling his outstanding product!  So far my favorites are the IPA, Hand Pulled Ales and the Scotch Ale.  Tim, his controller/wife and outstanding brewers were perfect subjects.  Enjoyable to work with but most importantly they were directly involved in the entire process of brewing.  Tim has weathered his fair share of storms through difficult economies in both Battle Creek and the entire State of Michigan.  Today Arcadia Ales is growing and evolving and yet Tim remains active in the day to day operations and has his thumb on exactly what’s happening at the brewery. 

He continues to use vintage bottling and canning equipment and keep an eye on growth of the company and the actual brewing process at the same time. The building feels like it’s 150 years old and tells quite a story all on it’s own, it’s a major part of the charm of being in a craft brewery.  At the end of the day I had a pint with two of the staff including brewer Stacy Block.  

We sat on bags of hops and malt and talked about beer and how important it is to remain passionate about what you do with your life.  It’s no often you find a woman brewer, this is traditionally an industry that is dominated by men.  I can’t say enough for the beer, it’s excellent and indicative of authentic British Ales and a spectacular Michigan made product.  It’s another perfect example of how to be successful and not lose touch of your product as it grows. Thus remaining as authentic as when you first began the journey.


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