Ty Stone album release and a pleasant surprise…

 Let me start by saying I am NOT a concert photographer nor a music critic in any way but I did shoot a concert recently.  I’m not going to spend alot of time on Ty Stone - what could I possibly say?  The guy is a solid musician, he’s backed by Kid Rock, his career is set.  I was invited by a member of his management after I requested a portrait session so I went to the show to snag a few shots and possibly meet Ty in person; I quickly realized that after a slew of press events and commercial shoots down in Nashville that I would probably not be the first thing on his radar.  I was, however,  pleasantly surprised before Ty took the stage.  Paulina Jayne, Brandon Calhoon, and Doop and the Inside Outlaws opened the evening.   I still can’t get over the fact that Paulina is only 16! She played a heartfelt, boot stomping set with a great band and sang her heart out.  Brandon Calhoon belted out some sweet southern rock that I haven’t heard live in long time; his wailing guitar and resonating vocals made my camera shake.   Empassioned would be an understatement.  Doop and the Inside Outlaws wowed the crowd as usual with some bluesy, country rock that was exceptional.  Clever lyrics and outstanding work by the band as a single unit kept me at the stage edge longer than I expected.  These three bands are trying to carve a line for themselves and reach the limelight, and they still have a lot to say and a lot of fight in them.  It was really great to see a group of gifted musicians play like crazy and put on fantastic shows.   I find Detroit endlessly fascinating when it comes to music.  The city where Motown was born is also home to spectacular Rock legends and pinnacles of Rap and Country  - it’s a  music melting pot, and it offers endless opportunities that were not afforded to me in other cities that I’ve lived and worked in.  Check out the collection of shots I took. I think you’ll feel like you are right there with me, seeing some excellent musicians play their hearts out. You may want to update your playlist with their music too.

Brad Ziegler

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